Dr. Jill Narlock attended Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in San Jose, Ca, and graduated in 1987. Since then she has expanded and mastered her education and skills in the area of Postural Rehabilitation. She is a Distinguished Fellow of Chiropractic Biophysic (CBP™), the most prominent full spine rehabilitative technique in Chiropractic.

While Dr. Jill has been practicing for 30 years, she relocated her practice to Encinitas in 2001 with her husband. Dr. Jill enjoys participating in sports such as volleyball, tennis, running and weight lifting, so she can understand the needs of athletes and is highly qualified to address the biomechanical issues involved with different sports in order to prevent injuries, or help you recover from a sports injury.

Over her 30 year career she has helped people of all ages, from newborn infants with colic to 96 years young. With the postural corrective work she does she helps people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, people with neck or low back injuries from falls or repetitive stress, people who get Migraine or Tension Headaches, children with ear infections, people who don’t want their posture to become stooped or arthritic, and people who have found chiropractic to just help them be well and stay healthy.

Patients find Dr. Jill to be a healthy influence, trusted resource and teacher, as well as a skilled chiropractor. Please feel free to contact her with your personal health concerns.