You’re MY Miracle!   I wanted to say thank you for seeing me last Friday.  When I woke up that day I was in so much pain I said it was going to take a miracle for me to be able to work my wedding the next day.  After my adjustment, it was only hours until I felt almost 100% better.  At my wedding I completely forgot there was an injury at all.  I am so thankful!  You are Amazing!


Feeling Better!  I just wanted to write you an email to tell you how I feel today compared to how I felt when I wrote you on Tuesday of last week.  I am so happy today and know that what you have done for me has been a miracle (as far as I am concerned).  I went for a walk and it was hard at first, but, I decided to go just a little further.  After a bit, I started to move my hips and everything seemed to just feel better.  Now, two hours later, I feel really good, so I think that is a good sign.

I know that sometimes you only get that panic emails, but I hope this one makes you feel really good… just like I do!!

Hugs and thanks!


Good Work!  I just want to sing your praises to the world – keep on with your good work.

Lynn & Ken C.

Dr. Jill Changed My Life!  My visits to Dr. Jill have literally changed my life. I had used chiropractic in the past, but I was not aware of the type that she practices which can actually put the necessary curves back into your spine. I had been living with pain since I was 18 years old – for almost 20 years! I’ll never forget the first morning I woke up and got out of bed and there was no pain. I started dancing around the house and laughing. You forget what it feels like to be pain-free………and when you experience it again, it is pure joy. My friends tell me I look younger and lighter……well, I guess I would since I can finally hold my neck up correctly, exercise longer, and the pain lines on my face have disappeared!

Robyn S.

Back In No Time!  I pulled my back out last August, with terrible pain and muscle spasms. I was hopeless that I had to stay in bed for at least a week, which is a huge deal for me as a small business owner. However, Dr. Jill had me come in the first day it happened and started to work on the muscle tension and cramping. I felt better already the next day and stopped using pain killers! She was so concerned about me that she had me come in twice a day (morning and afternoon). I literally felt the difference when coming up from the table – I was without pain! I pulled my back out again last week. Horrible pain! Unbelievably, Dr. Jill fixed me within 3 days! It happended on Wednesday morning and on Friday I was almost ready to jump around again. This is an amazing doctor!

Her Care is Different, and Exceptional!   I can’t say enough about how thrilled I am that I started going to Dr. Jill. I had been in pain for 20 years and had visited several other chiropractors. Dr. Jill has ways that she can actually help change the shape of your spine, in my case, put the curve back into my neck. None of the other chiropractors had bothered to tell me that I was building up arthritis and the disks in my neck would eventually fuse together if something was not done. I remember the first morning I woke up without pain….I started dancing around the house. Literally. I feel younger than I have in years……I thought pain just came with age. Be aware, pain is a sign of a problem, not something you need to live with! Left untreated, spinal deterioration continues to progress and can eventually become impossible to reverse. If you wait too long, you will only be able to manage the pain and not correct the structural cause of the pain to relieve it! I’ve also seen her cure ear troubles in babies (to prevent surgery for putting the tubes in the ear), help people after car accidents and other injuries, and relieve snoring. She allows my son to accompany me to treatments for a family rate, and after all of his skateboarding falls, he looks forward to going because he can feel the difference immediately.

Worst Episode, Fastest Recovery!  Over the years, when I’d had that “take your breath away” pain from my back going into severe spasm, it took other chiropractors 4 – 6 weeks to get me moving relatively well but not 100%.

When my back went into spasm this time it was one of worst episodes I’ve ever had and I ended up on the floor of the grocery store. I called Dr. Jill right away and she asked me to come in immediately. It took a lot of effort but I made it. In that first visit, she was able to get me breathing normally again, without pain. I went morning and afternoon for the next 2 days and the results were incredible. I was a good 70% better than I had been just 3 days before! If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would never have believed it.  I have seen various chiropractors over the past 30 years and have never had such an amazing recovery, ever.

I find the big difference in Dr. Jill’s approach is that you don’t just go in and get “cracked” and are out again in 5 minutes. She takes her time preparing your muscles for the adjustment she needs to make to help your body help itself.  There are not words to thank you enough Dr. Jill!

Debbie S.W.